Trees in Winter

The tree studies were inspired during ecology recording days spent with the National Trust in the Purbecks, Dorset.

"The landscape: bare. The sky: palest grey. The breeze: biting. Yet still these ancient trees stand. Sheltering on the leeward side of their old trunks offers momentary protection to our less resilient selves. Each tree stands strong when all else around disappears in the crisp or wet of the season. To lay a gloved hand on their creviced bark is to know how enduring these magnificent plants are. Using bold ink detail on a faint watercolour wash I aimed to show their strength against the cold environment."

Watercolour paint and ink on watercolour paper.

These three were exhibited at Bridport Art's Centre Allsop Gallery between 24th November and 20th December 2018, at the Dorset Visual Arts' exhibition 'Art: Cause and Effect' showcasing various artists and art forms.