Gundog commissions

All the dog portraits on these pages are examples of commissioned pastel pictures. Working from photographs Fen creates the portraits by first sketching the subject onto pastel paper and completing in her favoured medium, soft pastel. This combination gives a soft appearance ideal for the subject matter. Dogs have been an integral part of Fen's life, as she states:

"Early memories from when I was a toddler crawling on the floor, always seem to have four paws on furry legs plodding beside me. Our Golden Retriever seemed to ooze affection, ever present, ever faithful to the family. If I played, it played. If I crashed out sprawled on the floor, there she was stretched out beside me."

Later in life Fen's four-legged companions changed to Pointers and Spaniels. However, whether a breed she has lived with or not, Fen captures the essence of the dog for their owner and others to enjoy.