Charcoal Figures

"Pure play with the right side of the brain. These figures all have similar modes of execution. Initially drawn in a few minutes with racing strokes of pencil capturing the energy lines of the body movement and general proportions. Using a more deliberate hand I revisited the swirling marks identifying a clear outline. Next, still in pencil I consider shading and then taking up a stick of charcoal finalise the pose working on bold shadows and key lines."

"Why the right side? Day to day logical functioning originates from the left side of our brain. Creativity and intuition on the other hand originate from the right side. Drawing quickly is one method of stimulating the right side as it is too chaotic for the methodical structured approach of the left which just bales out of the task. Try it, you might be surprised with the results!"

All pencil and charcoal on finely textured buff paper.
Size: various A4 to A2.