Fen D'Lucie

Fen D'Lucie has been creative and immersed in art all her life. Her parents, being artists, imparted much knowledge unwittingly and deliberately giving a feel for both clay and drawing/painting. Not just creating art but the wider concepts too as she accompanied them when preparing for exhibitions, shows, attending the framers or delivering to galleries. Fen D'Lucie's childhood was full of experimenting, always colouring-in & making things: cards, corn dollies, clay animals, paintings & more.

"One of my first memories is being taught how to draw a simple dog on an A-frame blackboard in the garden by my father. The fundamental gift from these experiences I now realise was observation."

Fen studied Art History and Drawing at college in Somerset. Post-college, her artistic practice was put on hold for many years as she worked for employers in unrelated streams.

In the early 2000's Fen returned to drawing and painting for her own pleasure. Friends requested portraits of their dogs and horses. As her reputation grew this led to a wider clientele for commissioned portraiture specializing in custom hand drawn dog and equine art. Fen continues to receive commissions for animal portraits, drawing from photographs, completeing works in Oil or Pastel. Both mediums give a gentle appearence ideal for animal portraits.

Inspiration comes from many avenues. Fen grew up in a village in Somerset where she spent many hours walking and playing in the countryside. Fascinated eyes took in what she saw; a fox slinking though a gully with stealth, buzzards soaring on thermals, acorns lying amongst fallen leaves below massive oaks. Lessons in how nature interacts with the environment. Fen's love for wildlife naturally influences her art, providing motivation for subjects including flowers, landscapes, trees, birds and animals. Another favoured subject matter is the human figure. As an adult various elements of previous employment, but particularly Personal Training, have taught her a deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

"Knowing how a joint moves, but also the forces we employ as we contort, spring and manoeuvre are essential elements in figurative compositions; portraying people's energy as they express life is a distinct joy for me."

Much of Fen D'Lucie's adult life has been in Dorset where she still lives and creates her artwork. In 2016 Fen took early retirement allowing time to indulge in art again and also diversify into sculpture

Drawing is the foundation of all Fen's work. She creates bespoke lasting memories of beloved pets for clients but also thoroughly enjoys the simple pleasure of producing art.

As Fen states:

"The transition of line to paper for its own sake is a wonderful excuse to lose oneself in the moment."

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